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FTA offers a constantly increasing spectrum of services that presently can be categorized into the following sub sections.




  • PCB Lay-out
  • Stencil Design
  • Product Modifications / Improvement
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Prototype production



  • Project cost optimizations
  • Wholesale Parts sourcing to ensure best prices (strong supply chain partners as distributors, customers, OEM’s)
  • Logistics (ERP system, Lean production philosophy)
  • On-site component and PCB warehousing



  • PCB size range up to 400mm x 450mm
  • SMT capacity up to 40.000cph
  • Automatic PCB handling by PCB load - unload system on SMT line.
  • Continues flow SMT line
  • Double-Sided Reflow Processing
  • Fully automatic alignment for solder paste printing
  • Glue printing and curing for dual wave soldering.
  • SMT placement possibilities:
    • components size from 0402 up to 55mm x 55mm
    • BGA, µBGA, TSOP, QFP, QFN, SMD relays, SMD hybrids, SMD connectors, SMD switches
    • components pitch ≥ 0,4mm
  • Through hole Component insertion
  • Wave soldering machine
  • Gasketing
  • Conformal coating
  • Repairing all SMD and THT component types


  • Samsung AOI system
  • GEN-RAD ICT system
  • Lab View Test platform
  • (PCI / PXI National Instruments)
  • Customer specific test equipment


We are ISO certified since 2005. God handled Q-methods (SPC, FMEA, 8-D…) make us possibilities to be firm player on EMS market.